Diving safari around Maripipi Island

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Discover real paradise

Maripipi island is the perfect hide away

Maripipi island is located about 3 hours navigations from Malapascua and on the way you will most likely see dolphins playing around. 

It is a volcanic island, close to Samar area in Leyte, Philippines. 

This is the place to go when you wish to stay longer around Malapascua island, but you feel like discovering more remote places with healthy, well preserved coral reefs and plenty of marine life.


Sounds good, but how to get there…

…Simple! Just join on board with French Kiss Divers. 

They organise a two days safari with 5 dives to those really remote islands.

On the first day, the dives take place around Sambawan island, followed by sites around Kirikite island on the second day.

But this schedule can change. 

The team is exploring the area and for sure they will find other hidden paradise reefs.


Okay, but what to see there?

You will see : More fish than divers

Discover virgin coral reefs full of fish life.
During our safari we had the pleasure to meet turtles, jackfish, barracuda, eagle ray, whitetip reef sharks, banded sea snakes, plenty of nudibranch and all sort of shrimps and a lot more.

You will NOT see : other divers

There is no other dive shop yet on Maripipi island.
French Kiss Divers Maripipi just opened its doors as the first diving centre on the island. 

So what are you waiting for??


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