Muck Paradise in Dauin

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Find out why this is OUR NUMBER ONE diving destination in the Philippines and if it will be your next bucket-list place to go!

Dauin  is a small town, located on Negros island in the Central Visayas, Philippines.



Apo Island an amazing coral reserve


This place is mostly known in the diver community because of Apo island, which is about half an hour boat ride away from Dauin.

It is true, Apo island is an amazing place for diving, with an incredible coral reef - one of the best we have seen in the Philippines!

Green sea turtles, Hawksbill sea turtles, Jackfish, Barracudas and all sorts of different reef fish species to encounter.

There is a lot of fish life, although not as much as you would expect around a healthy coral reef like this! It is due to heavy overfishing around this area. Sadly the government is not protecting Apo Island - yet. We hope they will in the future, as locals say fish life is decreasing from year to year.

There is as well nice drif diving around Apo island (coconut point, rock point) where all the fishes seem to be bigger than usual.

Sometimes you will find some down currents, so if you are not so experienced, stay with your guide.

Apo island is high class diving, but you will find such dives in many other places.



Dauin, the number one in the Philippines


Muck paradise

What makes Dauin OUR NUMBER ONE, are the coastal dives just out of Dauin's doorsteps.

This place has kind of the perfect combination:
Apo island's coral explosion together with what Dauin itself has to offer.

Don't expect outstanding coral and reef fish around Dauin.

It is the muck paradise of the Central Visayas, no doubt about it!

You will find blue waters with great visibility on a volcanic  brown, sandy bottom with plenty of hidden WONDERS to discover.

Everything is tiny and you will have the pleasure to observe thousands of little creatures! Some of them as curious to discover you as you are to discover them.

Simply : Wonderland for each diver who knows to appreciate the little things in life !

There are over 10 dive sites.
One for ghost pipefish, one for nudibranchs, crabs, shrimps, one for sea horses, one for frogfish or cuttlefish and... No, no, wait...
You can find all those WONDERS on each dive site!
It is truly incredible, awesome diving.


Dive shop of our choice

We stayed 6 weeks in Dauin at Bongo bongo divers and we can say : this is one of the best guesthouses we have seen in the Philippines.

In the heart of Dauin, close from the public market, just next to the ocean and only half an hour to the vibrant city of Dumaguete, you will find yourself in a cozy garden surrounded with clean rooms, common kitchen, chill out hammock area, incredibly unique diving and last but not least you will find WONDERful people!


Diving tips

At this occasion, we like to add a friendly reminder to all divers, snorkelers or everyone interested in the wonders of the ocean out there: Dauin's sandy bottom shows how much life there is, hidden in the oceans and even if we do not see it on the first sight - it is there!

And we must conserve and protect it.

So please remember on your next trip, to keep a good buoyancy control at all times, keep distance from any bottom - coral reef or sand - as life hides everywhere.

And we do not want to sit on a baby frogfish, do we?


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